Missions and Values

Dedicated to Integrity, Reliability and Hard Work

Company founders Alex Massullo and his brother-in-law Jack witnessed and took part in the evolution of Vancouver as it transformed from a small, sleepy seaside town on the far side of Canada into a bustling hub of commerce and culture. Over the decades that followed, they made their mark on the city and are proud to have partnered with many of the businesses fundamental to Vancouver’s identity.

They defined themselves by the pillars of Italian culture: perseverance, a strong worth ethic, and a connection to family and community. Through their commitment they grew the company into a widely-recognized excavation, demolition and trucking business in British Columbia.

Now, 55 years after its inception, AJ Massullo remains a family company at heart, and the company culture is defined by its Italian values. The dedication to integrity, reliability and hard work filters into every aspect of the business. Now with a substantial fleet of vehicles, excavators and trucks, AJ Massullo is managed and operated by Alex’s four sons who carry on the family tradition.

No matter the job at hand, the AJ Massullo team focuses on going above and beyond.

Focused on Collaboration

AJ Massullo has always believed that things work better in teams. During the early years, Alex and Jack collaborated with many of the businesses that would become instrumental to the very identity of Vancouver. This tradition has carried on – today the team is always exploring ways to collaborate with other providers to provide the best possible client service.