Our History

AJ Massullo was founded in 1968 by Alex Massullo and his brother-in-law, Jack, after they immigrated from Italy to Canada. Born and raised in the Italian hillside village of Bagnoli Del Trigno, Alex Massullo saw his first ever vehicle when visiting Rome as a young boy, which would act as the catalyst for his lifelong fascination with machines, vehicles and heavy equipment.

As a young man, Alex moved to Rome from Bagnoli del Trigno and found employment in a machine shop, where he began an apprenticeship as an elevator repairman. Only a few months after taking the job, he and his mother were presented with the opportunity to relocate to Canada. Making the most of this rare opportunity, in 1953 at the age of 17 he landed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Once in Canada, Alex jumped on the limited opportunities available for a young immigrant in the 1950s, working as a shoe shiner, a longshoreman, and a carpenter whilst learning english and familiarizing himself with Canadian culture. After a few years in the country he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of working with machines and vehicles, and partnered with his brother-in-law Jack to purchase their first truck: a 2-wheel drive front-end back hoe. This exploration into the world of machinery marked the beginning of AJ Massullo.

Over the coming years, Alex and Jack worked tirelessly to grow the business; in 1967 they added a second vehicle to the fleet, and in 1970 they began expanding the team. The business grew over the next 3 decades as they expanded services to offer excavation, site preparation and snow removal throughout British Columbia, with a specific focus on the Lower Mainland.

Alex retired in the late 90s and his four sons David, Jeff, Robert and Michael took over the family business. Now, a 3rd generation of Massullos are learning the ropes, looking to continue the family tradition. Yet Alex still shows up on sites from time to time, making sure his kids and grandkids know exactly what they’re doing.