Trenching Equipment

We are pleased to offer project management, on-site operators and a wide range of machinery to meet all your trenching needs.

Our Trenching Process

Our typical trenching process includes the following stages:

Stage 1: After the project scope has been determined, we supply the excavators that remove the dirt and dig the trenches.

Stage 2: Our comprehensive trucking team supplies and delivers all support equipment and cages that are used during the trenching process.

Stage 3: We supply all backfill materials to fill in trenches, and deliver compaction equipment to ensure the completed project is safe, stable and secure.

Collaboration with Industry Partners

To meet client requirements, the AJ Massullo team partners with construction teams and contractors across the Lower Mainland to ensure you’re never short on trucks, diggers, or other heavy machinery. No matter the job, we’ve got you covered.

Project Management Services

In addition to equipment and machinery, AJ Massullo offers on-site operational teams to manage and fulfill all trenching requirements.

To learn more about AJ Massullo’s trenching equipment and services, fill out the form below or contact our team at the following number 604-553-0251.