Demolition and Disposal

Look no further for your demolition and disposal needs!

We’re pleased to offer an extensive range of demolition equipment, operated by industry-best demo experts. Whether you want to remove auxiliary buildings from a personal property or require a large-scale commercial demolition, our team has you covered!

Safety First Approach

AJ Massullo focuses on a safety-first approach during demolition. Our teams safely secure demolition sites with fences, implement traffic control, and maintain proper site supervision. In addition, we maintain pest control on each of our sites to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

We ensure proper procedures are followed to dispose of toxic and hazardous materials, and follow the most up-to-date recycling techniques.

Focus on Sustainability

We separate building materials as they are removed and recycle plastics and other materials that can be reused. If salvaged materials are no longer needed for future use, our team can donate them to non-profit organizations and community initiatives.

We ensure a safe and timely demolition and adhere to all industry safety and environmental requirements.

Concrete Specialists

Along with wood and metal structures, we know how to remove one of the most permanent building materials – concrete! Most residential and commercial buildings have strong concrete foundations that need to be removed as part of the demolition process. Our hydraulic breakers and other concrete-specific demolition equipment let us safely and effectively remove concrete from any site.

Contact AJ Massullo

To request a demolition consultation and receive a quote, please complete the form below or give our team a call @ 604-553-0251. We look forward to working with you.