Landscape Preparation

We offer landscaping services for any project reaching the final stages of completion.

Why Choose Landscape Prep?

Landscape preparation is an essential step required before foliage and trees are planted on site. Not only does landscaping prep help make your site visually appealing, but it helps retain the quality of construction and allows water to effectively drain off the site.

Our Process

We’re pleased to provide landscaping prep for every kind of site. We’ve taken on projects ranging from individual residential lots to large-scale projects including golf courses and master-planned residential communities.

Before getting on-site, our teams will determine if rock stack or retaining walls are required. Once we’ve determined the necessary materials, our trucking fleets will transport all construction materials to your site. We can supply any soil, gravel, or rocks required for your landscape design. Our goal is to prep the site for the horticulturalists and the landscaping team.

We Collaborate with Landscape Teams

We collaborate with landscaping companies and to ensure the job is done to spec. We can even help plant or relocate larger trees that require heavy-duty equipment.

If you need a landscaper for your projects, we’re pleased to connect you with one of our horticultural partners who specialize in planting trees, foliage and other greenery along your site.

Contact Us

To learn more about how the AJ Massullo team can meet your landscaping needs, fill out the form below, or give us a call at 604-553-0251.