Backfill Services

To offer a full suite of excavation services, AJ Massullo provides backfilling for your building and construction projects. We supply the dirt, gravel and compaction equipment needed to fill open spaces.

We have provided excavation backfill services for countless construction sites, and know how to work with any space to meet and exceed client expectations. Whether it’s filling-in open trenches, increasing or lowering grades, closing-in retaining walls, or creating an elevation on your build site, we’ve got you covered.

Our Backfill Process

Here is the typical backfill process performed by our team.

Stage 1: Our on-site teams will excavate your site for footings and to your specifications.

Stage 2: Our trucking teams deliver appropriate gravel and site fill to your build site.

Stage 3: If required, our team will do waterproofing and drain tile to required walls.

Stage 4: Our team will insert all fill and material around the foundation or building site as required. We make sure to use the most appropriate backfill materials during this process.

Stage 5: We use compaction equipment and work with geotechs (where required) to achieve the proper level of compaction. This ensures the fill settles as required. We also fill the finished grade as requested by clients.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, we are able to accommodate various processes according to project specifications.

To learn more about our backfilling services, fill out the form below or contact our team here @ 604-553-0251: